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In Response to Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan)

Representative Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, who published secret material leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden that:

“[Greenwald] doesn’t have a clue how this thing works. Neither did the person who released just enough information to be dangerous.”

The snippet above was taken from an article by Jane C. Timm (@janestreet) on the MSNBC/Morning Joe blog in which Greenwald defends his own actions, and those of Snowden as “essential to Democracy.


Here is what I have to say to Rep. Rogers, and all the rest of our electeds who provide supposed “oversight” in relation to the type of intelligence gathering which involves collection of data from American citizens, on American soil, with no notice, no recourse, and no probable cause:

Please, Mr. Chairman, please do enlighten us, with sufficient information to NOT be dangerous, and so that we, the people YOU WORK FOR, DO have a clue “how it works.”

When you are collecting my private communications, I expect you to act with accountability. As a proud American, I am ashamed that those who (somehow) find themselves elected to office anymore seem to think they act with impunity. The safety of our nation is indeed a priority. But there are ways you can get what you need without obliterating our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and protections.

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