Excel Basics

Excel Basics Consolidated

I have done a series of posts on Microsoft Excel, targeted largely at beginners, and/or those who use Excel casually and seek to expand their skills a little. MS Excel is a powerful program, which has a host of advanced analytical and math functions, for those who spend a moment exploring them.

What is important about using excel to maximum effect is not remembering how to use each specific function of formula – it is enough to understand the syntax excel requires, and to realize that if you can dream up a use-case, there is most likely a built-in function which can do what you need.

Here, I have combined all of my Excel-related posts to date to make it easy to find what you might need. More will follow. If you have a specific request, let me know, and I will do my best to create a post addressing the topic you are interested in.

This area was created specifically for Mary (you know who you are) to begin with, a friend who has applied herself to the pursuit of learning and personal growth. Mary, you inspire! Hopefully, others will benefit as well.

Links to Excel Articles on this blog:

More links will follow, including some to useful resources outside this site. Lastly, remember, for all things related to tech, programming, and math functions, Google is your friend. Use it!

Excel Basics
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Excel Basics
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Excel Basics
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